Water Leaks Repair Sydney

Water Leaks Repair Sydney

CMF Plumbing has nearly 20 years experience in leak identification and detection. We can rectify leaks in domestic households, unit blocks and commercial premises. The most common water leaks are leaking taps and toilets, leaking shower trays, burst water pipes, damaged drainage pipes, leaking hot water units and excessive storm water runoff.

Leaking taps and toilets:
    To rectify leaking taps and toilets we can fully service both. With standard leaking taps we will replace the hot and cold tap washers, the body washers, the O:-rings, re-seat the tap bodies and re-grease the spindles. With ceramic disc taps and mixers we can replace the ceramic tap spindles or the mixer cartridges, install service kits or replace the whole tap. With leaking toilets we can replace the inlet and outlet washers or the entire inlet or outlet valve.


Leaking shower trays or wet areas:
    CMF Plumbing will block the floor waste drain off and dye test the suspected leaking wet area. If we see coloured dye leaking below or into an adjacent room or wall, we know exactly where the water is leaking from. To rectify a leaking shower tray, bathroom floor or veranda, there are several options. The most optimal solution is to remove the floor tiles and the first row of wall tiles in the leaking wet area, re-waterproof the area and then re-tile. A second option is to have the wet area Megasealed. This is a process where the tiles are not removed, but rather a clear membrane/water repellent liquid is coated over the floor and wall tiles and grout. Any cracked or damaged tiles will need to be replaced first and also if needed the tile grout may also need to be replaced prior to the clear membrane being applied. The joints between the wall and floor tiles are also caulked with a special formulated compound to seal the joints. The last option to prevent water damage from a water leak is an evaporation or drip tray. We can have any size custom made copper, stainless steel or galvanized steel trays made and installed to catch and divert the water leak.


Burst water pipes:
    CMF Plumbing can locate burst plastic, copper or galvanized steel water pipes in domestic houses, unit blocks or commercial premises. Through thorough investigation techniques we can locate leaks in walls, under buildings in lawns, under paved areas and in or under concrete slabs. We nitrogen pressure test the hot and cold supplies to determine which is leaking. We then locate the exact location of where the service is running using our electronic line locator. We then use our experience to start excavating in the most likely area the leak will be.


Damaged drainage pipes:
    CMF Plumbing can locate damaged PVC or terracotta sewer and storm water drainage pipes using our high tech Sewercam camera and Rigid Scout sonde locator. We can push the camera head to the exact location of the damaged drainage line and then locate the exact location of the camera head using the locator. We can also tell the exact depth of the camera head using the locator. If needed we can record the CCTV inspection to DVD and send the owner or owners corporation a copy, or alternatively we can up load the inspection to www.skydrive.live.com and we will send you a username and password and you can down load the inspection and watch it when it is convenient for you. If we find that the drainage has tree roots or silt built up in the line, we can clear the line using our high pressure water jet blaster. We can also dye test the drainage, if required, to confirm which line or branch line is leaking.


Leaking hot water units:
    Sometimes hot water units or the Temperature Pressure Relief (TPR) valve from the hot water unit can be positioned in non-visible areas and can be leaking for some time before they are detected. We can replace leaking TPR valves and replace leaking hot water units. Call CMF Plumbing for an obligation free quote for a new hot water heater today.


Excessive storm water run-off:
    CMF Plumbing can install agg. lines, grated dish drains and storm water pits to pick up any excess storm water during and after heavy rain fall, in front of you garage doors, side path or along the front side or back of your house or business premises.