Gas Fitting Sydney

Gas Fitting Sydney

CMF Plumbing can help with all aspects of natural gas and LPG gas, domestic and commercial installations. All customers will be issued with an AGL Certificate of Compliance on the completion of any gas job.

New gas connections:
    We will help you with any new gas installation, from the new meter location and installation, to which appliances would best suit your home or work place.


CMF plumbing can install gas hotwater heating systemsGas hot water:
    CMF Plumbing can advise you on converting from your electricity storage hot water unit to either a gas instantaneous hot water unit or a gas storage hot water unit depending od your personal needs and preference. Gas is a lot more energy efficient and cost effective than electricity.


Gas cooking:
    CMF Plumbing can help upgrade from electric to gas cooking, which once again is more energy efficient and cost effective. We can replace your existing electric cook top with a gas cooktop, your existing electric oven with a gas oven, or you electric cook top and electric oven with an all in one cook top and oven.


Gas heating:
    CMF Plumbing can install a new gas bayonet in that living area that is always cold in winter. We can also move any old existing room heater bayonet that is not quite in the desired place. NOTE: We cannot put bayonets in bed rooms as it is against the law. We can also run a new gas service to a gas central heating unit or a new pool heater.


CMF Plumbing can install a Gas BBQ on Natural GasBBQ:
    Are you sick of running out of gas half way through cooking a meal for friends or family? CMF Plumbing can install a new gas bayonet point for you BBQ and we can convert your existing BBQ from LPG to natural gas.


Gas leaks:
    CMF Plumbing can identify and locate gas leaks and repair. We can replace existing rusted galvanised steel gas service with anew copper service. All of our work is guaranteed.