Sydney Hot Water Service

Sydney Hot Water Service

CMF Plumbing can assist you with either replacing your burst hot water unit, repairs and maintenance on your existing hot water unit or changing from a gravity fed hot water heater in your roof to mains pressure hot water. Let’s face it your hot water unit is the second most important fixture in your house (the toilet is #1), so you want it working to its best and full capacity.

Rheem-Stellar-330L_0Electric hot water
    If you have cold water coming from your hot water tap, we can replace your thermostat and element. If you have water leaking from the drain on the side of the hot water heater, we can change the Temperature Pressure Relief valve (TPR valve) for you. If you cannot shut your hot water isolation tap off we can change your hot water heater isolation tap, which is very important in the case of an emergency. We recommend that all customers check that they can isolate their hot water heater so that in the case of any emergency, such as a burst hot water pipe or burst hot water heater, you can shut the hot water heater off without having to shut the cold water meter off to the whole house or apartment.


Gas hot water


    If you have gas to your property we can change your existing electric storage hot water unit or even your gas storage hot water unit, to a much more energy efficient gas instantaneous hot water unit. Gas instantaneous hot water units are very compact and don’t take up as much space as a storage hot water unit. Also you will never run out of hot water, and you are only heating the water as you use it, as apposed to continuously heating a storage tank. Please do not hesitate to call CMF Plumbing for any information regarding you hot water unit.